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Exclusive Roots

5% Discount on
All Orders
10% Discount on All Orders
15% Discount on All Orders
Current Customers are our Priority, NOT getting new ones
When we created Roots to Redemption one of the things that our family talked about was making sure that anyone who trusted in us and purchased one of products, that we would be loyal to them going forward. That we would treat them and take care of them like our family.

We personally resented companies that would offer the greatest discounts to "potential" customers while neglecting those customers that supported them and were loyal to them month after month and year after year. 

It is with those views and feelings that we designed and created our unprecedented and unrivaled program simply called "Roots Customer Pricing". No fancy name, no confusing reward points system or no qualification necessary.

Just make a purchase, you become a customer and you will receive your personalized discount code for 5%, 10% or 15% off on all future orders. That's it.
Note that the exact amount of your discount will depend on your total sales history including the total of the first order (see chart below)

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