What is CBD? CBD Oil?

This is probably the one question that is asked the most often and actually one of the most (if not the most) important question from someone who is just coming into the world of CBD Oil.

In this article I am going to try to walk you through all the key information that you should know about what CBD is.

To begin, before we find out what CBD is, it is critical to first know where it comes from in order to sort through some of the misinformation that you may have heard.

At its core, CBD is a botanical natural compound found in two types of plants. It is completely natural and has been used for thousands of years and across every civilization known to man.

CBD is to these plants what Vitamin E, for an example, is to the Aloe Vera Plant. CBD, like vitamin E, is part of their respective plant.

Furthermore just like there are other vitamins and minerals found in the Aloe Vera plant, the plants that contain CBD also contain other compounds (more on compounds later) and that is where knowing where CBD comes from makes a huge difference.

Ok, here we go, the two plants that CBD is found in are called Hemp and Marijuana. The Hemp plant and the Marijuana plant are two distinct plant species that both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant family. So while both plants essentially come from the same origins or seeds, how they are cultivate